Bespoke Architectural Stackable Glass Doors

A simple, minimalist and bespoke stackable glass system founded in Europe. A patented architectural design to add style to your home.

Our custom architectural stackable doors offer clients with a seamless and architectural finish to their new or existing homes. We are able to customise every element of the folding doors to make sure it fits with the colour scheme and aesthetic of the house, apartment or commercial property. Our system is completely weatherproof, lockable and does not rely on an overhead support, making it a perfect bespoke solution for both new builds or renovations.

Stackable doors designed to transform the look and function of your property

Tailor made to be opened fully, partially or totally enclosed to protect from wind, rain and noise.
Australian Compliant & Tested
Our product has a AS2047-2014 certification for windows and external glass doors.
Unlike any other solution, our glass panels compress together with a weather proof seal that is squeezed in between individual panels when a mechanical key lock is engaged. Water penetration resistance: 0 Pa and air infiltration resistance: 0.8 litres/second/m2. We use a minimum of 10mm toughened glass on our projects and our system is wind tested up to 200km/h. This prevents any wind drafting, heat loss or any wind or rain from entering the property. For rated fire zones, our system may meet BAL requirements. depending on application.
Patented Design & Function
We have a slimline frame that can be recessed to provide a seamless finish.
Stacking glass panels are fully lockable, weatherproof and operate with ease on a teflon track.
Recessed Teflon Tracks
A recessed track with teflon runners.
Recessed Teflon Tracks
Frameless Corners
Go frameless around corner or curves
Frameless Corners
Fully lockable
Completely locked and sealed when closed
Fully lockable
Fly Screen Options
Add a slimline frameless flyscreen to your stacking doors
Fly Screen Options
Fully Weatherproof
Compressible weather proof seals. No wind or water penetration
Fully Weatherproof
Toughened Glass & Low E
Minimum of 10mm toughened glass. Low E coating available.
Toughened Glass & Low E
How It Works
Our glass doors are easy to operate. The first panel operates as a standard access doors. All other panels are moved by sliding them on teflon frame and pivoting them at the end.
We use 10mm or 12mm safety glass on all our projects and high quality aluminum frames and components. We provide our customers with a 5 year product and installation guarantee. Watch our demo below!
Disengage the mechanical lock to create room for the first panel to open.
Open Entry / Exit Door
Simply open the door using the knob similar to any access door.
Slide & Stack
Slide the next panel towards the direction of the first opened panel and either pull or push it open.
Slide Back & Lock
Pivot each panel individually back into the frame and slide back. Engage the lock to secure and weatherproof the system.