Frameless Patio Enclosure

Surround an existing pergola or alfresco with a clear glass system that can be stacked away or closed depending on the weather.

Keep out the rain, wind and improve the thermal retention inside an undercover area in a home. The secure locking mechanism allows clients to use their patio as an extension of their home all year round. Unlike PVC clear screens or vinyls, toughened glass will not discolour over time to provide a long lasting and durable solution.

Before Photos With Cafe Blinds

Before installing a frameless solution, the client had cafe blinds to enclose the area. The cafe blinds did not last long with the constant exposure to rough weather conditions. They were cumbersome to operate and often got jammed when rolling them up. Aesthetically they started to deteriorate and as a result made the patio entertainment are look old and shabby.

After Photos With Frameless Stacking Glass Installed

Our project involved removal of the existing roller blinds. We replaced the window and door sections with our frameless bifold system. This was customised based on the clients preferences. A 10mm toughened glass was used with a mechanical lock and weather proof strips. The bottom track was recessed in the timber decking to reduce any tripping hazard to provide an seamless end result.


Partially Open

Keep your patio or alfresco frameless enclosure partially open.

Fully Open

Completely open up your doors to create a seamless division between two areas

Dual Stacking

We can configure your doors to open to one side or both depending on your preferences

Access Door

Use one side or one panel as your normal entry exit door

Fully Closed

Lock and close your doors to restrict wind and rain from entering the under cover area