Frameless Kitchen Servery Window

A Frameless Kitchen Servery Window that slides and stacks to create an open space for optimal accessibility

Using a traditional sliding window or sashless window limits the area of accessibility as glass panels do not fold away. Recessing the bottom aluminium track into an existing or new benchtop provides a seamless servery experience for homes and hospitality commercial sites such as cafes or restaurants. Using the mechanical keylock and weatherproof seals, it acts as a complete replacement to traditional servery windows.

Made for domestic and commercial applications
Panels operate individually. Slide and stack individual glass panels to create an open area for your kitchen. That means are are able to keep it fully closed, fully open and even partially open. Use your kitchen servery to access an outdoor entertainment area, a coffee servery or to open up to another area in the home. Glass panels neatly stack away and frames can be recessed into your benchtop.
A frameless kitchen servery window completely transforms the look and feel of your kitchen.
Open up your kitchen area to provide easy access to another internal area or to the outside of the house. Glass panels are easy to move to provide ventilation all year round
Recessed Frame
Integrate the bottom track to sit flush which your kitchen bench top.
Easy to operate
Glass panels slide easily on teflon tracks. Only open the panels you like.
Bottom weighted
There is no need for overhead support. Our system is bottom weighted and not a top hung unit.
Stack outwards
Optimise your internal bench top space by stacking the glass panels outwards.