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To understand the energy efficiency rating of your glass, the SHGC and U-Value are two commonly used measurements. We’ve provided a brief explanation to help you select the right option for your home.

What is a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)?

SHGC stands for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Measuring the SHGC helps us understand how much solar heat is gained through the glass window or door as a result of direct sunlight. When sunlight hits the glass, there is a portion of sunlight that is reflected. The remainder is either absorbed by the glass or transmitted through the glass. The SHGC is a percentage measure of solar heat gain that is transmitted through the glass. It is measured as a number between 0 and 1, with a higher co-efficient meaning that more heat gain will occur. More information can be found here

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After 4 years of operation in Australia, Open Enclosure has expanded into a new office space that features a showroom for clients to come and see our patented frameless glass sliding doors in action. We’re open 7 days by appointment and located at 19/442 Geelong Road, Yarraville, Victoria 3013. In previous years, our product was only viewable at exhibitions and job sites across previous client installations. The new office space is double the size of our previous space in Port Melbourne to cater for a growing demand across Australia. The extra room has also allowed us to in-house the majority of our operations aside from the local manufacturing of the glass. The good news for clients is that both the increase in quantity of production materials and our fabrication vertical integration means that cost savings are passed on to make it a more affordable replacement to traditional bifold doors. Additionally, we have had a 3x increase in our team size which comprises of client relations, installers and fabricators, resulting in a decrease in our lead times by 25% to meet client demands faster. We have some exciting new frameless products coming in the future as we continue to expand – !

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