Frameless Sliding Doors

Our Frameless Sliding Doors have individual glass panels in the frame to enable each door to slide and stack to the side you prefer.

Sliding doors without frames operate on a thin and unobtrusive track. The frame can be recessed within the floor to provide a smooth efficient operation. Teflon ensures a friction-free glide regardless of the size and weight of each panel. Our system is bottom weighted as opposed to top hung, making it a perfect choice for both renovations and new builds. Frameless sliding doors add character and style to any space.

Our system is made to measure. Customisation includes frame dimensions, glass thickness and tint, panel size, colour, locking mechanism and opening direction. Sliding doors are lockable and weatherproof. When a mechanical lock is engaged, a weather proof strip is compressed to make the system wind and water proof and secure.

Frameless Sliding Doors
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Hastings, Victoria

Large Custom Panels

A large sliding opening spanning 6 meters in length and 2.9 meters in height.

This system was made to have a total of 9 panels that were 650mm in width. A dual opening was made for easy access.

Custom Made

Our sliding doors are perfect for new builds or renovations.

Our project located in Hastings (Victoria) was a new build spanning over 6 meters.

Toughened Glass

Toughened frameless glass panels with a 12mm width were used due to the height and high wind exposure.

A 10mm toughened glass can be used when the glass panels are lower in height and are not exposed to high wind.

Weatherproof Seals

Invisible weatherproof seals were applied to the glass panels to stop water from entering the property.

Our seals operate with compression. This means that when the system is locked, the panels are pressed together to squeeze the weatherproof strip. Therefore making it a water tight solution.

Highly Secure

The sliding doors were used for direct access to the home from outside the property.

Using our mechanical key lock provides a completely secure system to restrict any entry.