Frameless Bifold Glass Doors

State of the art custom frameless bifold doors. Made to order, weatherproof & lockable. Our system operates on a teflon track that does not require ball bearings. It is a bottom weighted system which means there is no need for an overhead support.

Our frameless bifold doors are tailored to your visual and functional preferences. We can alter the height, length, panel width, glass type, frame colour, frame mounting, opening direction, panel numbers and even the level of security. Our level of customisation gives you complete control in how the final product will look in your property.

Our bifold system can be used for internal and external applications. This includes: patio enclosures, alfresco enclosure, internal dividing doors, balcony enclosures, verandah screens and servery windows.

bifold glass frameless windows and doors

Bifold Frames

Our frameless doors can extend up to 20 meters in length and 3.5 meters in height.

The frames can be built to operate around a corner section. As a result, this provides a frameless edge with no obstruction such as a timber post (unless it is required structurally). For the ultimate finish, frames can be recessed into the flooring. Frames are powdercoated to any colour, including any Delux or Colourbond colour charts.

Frameless Glass

We use either 10mm or 12mm toughened clear glass in our bifold system.

The glass can be tinted or can be made with a low-e coating which is specifically designed to improve the thermal properties. Each panel can be made up to 850mm wide.

Bifold Operations

A unique Teflon Tracking System is used on the bottom aluminium track. This provides a smooth gliding surface for the glass panels.

There are no ball bearings or top loading hardware required. Therefore, making our system fixable to new and existing spaces. As a bottom weighted system, it is perfect for existing homes that may not be perfectly level or have the required overhead support for a top hung unit. Our system has an internal leveling feature, so it can adjust for discrepancies in your flooring.

Weatherproof System

Each frameless glass panel in our system has a clear UV resistant seal between the panels.

This is an invisible strip which does not affect the aesthetic design or obstruct your views. When our proprietary mechanical lock is engaged, an internal frame is pushed out to compress the weatherproof seal between the panels to make it completely weatherproof from top to bottom. There are no gaps at the base of the panels due to the bottom weighted design. Our seals are not a standard removable H clip seal that many other systems use.

Door Security

Every bifold is made with a mechanical handle that locks the doors.

Once engaged, the internal frame presses the individual sliding panels together, therefore locking them tightly inside the unit. Individual panels cannot be removed unless the access door is opened. For additional security, the first and second panels can be locked together with a key lock. All handles and knobs can be powder coated to match the colour and design of the frame and property.

Frameless Flyscreens

We have a range of retractable flyscreens that can be installed alongside our bifold doors.

Similar to our system, there is only one frame that fits to the perimeter of your opening.
Manufacturing & Installation
We have a dedicated in house team responsible for the manufacturing and installation of your frameless bifold doors.
We back our work with a 5 year guarantee on the product and installation. We service all of Melbourne and wider Victoria. We complete work in other states in Australia upon request.
A team of experienced and well co-ordinatated installers
See some of our work
A team of experienced and well co-ordinatated installers
Bespoke frameless bifold projects across Victoria
See some of our work
Bespoke frameless bifold projects across Victoria

Custom Frameless Bifold Benefits

Our custom bifold doors offer a range of benefits for domestic and commercial properties.
We have clients across Australia who experience extreme weather conditions. - High wind and salt exposure for beach side properties. - Fire risk areas particularly in rural areas in Victoria (subject to BAL rating) - Significant noise exposure in high vehicle traffic areas on main roads and dense suburbs
All Year Round
With varying weather conditions, our system gives you the flexibility to either open up the entire space, partially open it or close it completely with weather seals. It is a simple system to operate which lets you transform your space in a matter of seconds.
Light Exposure
With no frames between glass panes, views are uninterrupted and light infiltration is maximised. Where increased privacy or thermal performance is required, tinting of glass can be considered.
No Wind, Rain or Noise
Our systems are installed with weather seals as an option and a minimum of 10mm toughened glass. This immediately provides a barrier to wind and rain and significantly mitigates sound.
Bespoke Design
Customisation creates a seamless final product and provides clients with a function that suits their intended purpose. Adjusting panel width, frame colour, glass tint, etc. are a few simple things to create the desired look and feel.
Smooth Sliding
With a patented Teflon Transport System and absence of any moving parts and ball bearings, expect years of smooth maintenance-free operation. Unlike most sliding systems; dust, sand or debris will not interfere with the sliding mechanism.
Highly Secure & Durable
The system is completely lockable, meaning that the only way through is from forced entry which is also the reason we use a 10mm toughened glass. No corners or edges of the glass are exposed which makes the system incredibly difficult to break.
Improve Thermal Properties
Where increased energy efficiency is necessitated, we can offer a Low-E glass to further improve thermal ratings, offering long-term gain through reduced utility costs in air-conditioning/heating.
Increase Property Value
By enclosing a balcony, terrace or alfresco area, with a secure frameless border, clients are able to instantly add square metres to their living area to improve resale value.
inside view moving glass panels
closed and locked external door
double opening external door aluminium frame
weatherproof glass seal protect from rain

Bifold Demonstration

Each panel individually opens to a side and direction predefined by you. Frameless glass planels glide along the teflon track with no ball bearings and stack neatly together. When the system is closed, a mechanical keylock compresses the panels together to make it water and wind proof.