Balcony Verandah Enclosure

Use your balcony or verandah all year round with a custom glass screen that is able to retract and stack away without jeopardising views or restricting light.

Set back from an existing or new balustrade, our aluminium glass system provides optionality depending on weather conditions. In a fully closed state, balcony access doors can be opened up to add square meters to your property.  For apartments with body corporate guidelines, we provide a specifications sheet and a number of examples to showcase the consistency.

Enclosing your balcony or verandah with clear glass provides uninterrupted views all year.

Keep your enclosure fully open or closed depending on the weather. Each enclosed area is made to order. We specialise in frameless enclosures for renovations, retro fits and new builds.
Recessed and Openable
Our slim line frames can be fully recessed into your tiles or decking. Each panel slides and opens are to create a fully openable area.
Each enclosure is made to measure. You are able to select colours, panel widths and glass type. Customising your design will ensure our bifold doors integrate well in your existing or new home.
Weatherproof Design
Our system is fully sealed. This means that no wind or rain can penetrate the inside if it is locked.
There is a weatherproof seal between each glass panel. When the system is locked, the panels are pressed together to compress the weatherproof seal.
Bottom Weighted
All the weight is on the bottom of the system. There is no top load which requires overhead support.
The bottom weighted design makes it perfect for retro fits and renovations. The frame is able to work around corners. Our bespoke glass enclosures provide a unique look and feel to your balcony or verandah