Frameless Bifold FAQs


Can it handle strong winds? Our system is tested for air infiltration resistance up to 200km/h. This allows for installation in some of the most demanding and harsh Australian conditions. Invisible weather seals when in place eliminate the drafts that are inherent to most frameless systems.

Is it fire safe? We use a minimum glazing thickness of 10mm. In addition, due to the integrity in design, our system can meet the requirements of BAL 29 subject to an exemption (5mm toughened glass for windows & doors).

Is it waterproof?Yes. Invisible weather seals can be specified to make it a water tight solution. This prevents unwanted water permeation and allows for water drainage.


Can the glass be double glazed?Due to the system being frameless, we cannot double glaze the glass. Double glazing typically requires two panels of glass with a vacuum or gas filled space in between, meaning that a frame is needed to hold the gas filled space.

How do the thermal properties compare to double glazing?Our standard glass is a 10mm toughened. Due to the thickness of this glass, the thermal properties are impressive but may not perform as well as a double glazed system. We also have low-e glass as an option. The “e” in low-e stands for emissivity. The low emissivity coating (low-e) means that less heat passes through the glass than would usually be the case (compared to standard float glass) which is great for retaining heat inside the house.

Can you tint the glass?Yes, we can tint the glass during the manufacturing process. This is something we discuss with you when quoting for an opening.

Can you vary the thickness of the glass panels?10mm toughened is our standard thickness. However, if we are going about 2.7m we typically use 12mm toughened for the​ added strength.

Can you change the panel width?Our panel widths vary from 350mm​ – 800mm. When we are working with a client on designing their system, we will discuss our recommendation but it often comes down to client preferences based on their desired aesthetic outcome.


Can the frame coloured be changed? Yes, we powder coat t​he frame in any Dulux colour.

Can the tracks be recessed? Yes, we can recess the bottom track to sit flush with your floor.

What material is the frame made from? The frame is made from aluminium.


What is the warranty? We have a 5 year guarantee on the installation and the product.

How long has the system been around for? The system has been around in Europe for over 20 years and Australia for the last 5 ​years.

Do you have a showroom? We have a showroom located at 19/442​ Geelong Road, Yarraville VIC 3013. You can call us on 1300 812 282 to arrange an appointment.