Glass Pool Fence Enclosure

In colder months, it is very common for pool houses or outdoor pool facing patios and extensions to be underutilised. In addition to the auto closing doors and balustrades that are required for swimming pool, a floor to ceiling glass surrounding creates a useful function regardless of weather conditions.
Stackable Glass Pool Fences can be installed next to your existing balustrade. Enclose your outdoor area to use it all year round. A fully sealable system that allows you to entertain poolside with no rain or wind.
Add Square Meters
Add valuable square meters to your property. Enclose an outdoor area to create a fully enclose area next to your pool.
Water Protection
Our system is fully sealable and lockable. Avoid water from entering your undercover area.
Use Every Season
Use your poolside area all year round. Retain the heat inside the property during colder periods.