Custom Glass Folding Windows & Doors

Bottom weighted folding panels that are lockable and completely weatherproof

Our custom glass folding windows and doors are easy to operate. Slide and fold each glass panel to create an open plan look and feel. We manufactural and install to order. This means you can customise glass types, frame colours, your opening direction and panel width. We work with you to create the best solution for your opening. Feel free to get in touch with us or visit our showroom to discuss your new or existing area.

Our folding doors are completely frameless. They are secured with a mechanical lock that creates a compression between each panel. Between each glass panel there is an invisible weatherproof seal that creates an air tight compression. As a result, there is no wind or rain that will penetrate the system when closed and locked. This means that applications are both internal and external. Learn more about the specifications and benefits.

folding glass doors
fully open outdoor door
external doors doors

Outdoor Glass Enclosure – Templestowe

A residential property located in Templestowe with an outdoor glass enclosure.

The client enclosed the alfresco area with an access door, a frameless bifold door and a frameless stackable window. The goal was to make it an outdoor glass enclosure. They had previously installed cafe blinds that deteriorated over time. Therefore, it was important to the client to be able to achieve a fully sealed area in order to reduce on-going cleaning and maintenance.

Type of glass that was used in the sections was a 10mm toughened clear class. Weatherproof seals were applied to the glass to prevent any rain or wind from entering the alfresco area. All frames were powder coated in a neutral surf mist colour to ensure consistency with the existing colour palette of the home.

Opening 1 – Window: Surface mounted floor track, 5.8m length, 2.0m height, opening inwards

Opening 2 – Door: Recessed floor track, 4.5m length, 2.6m height, opening outwards

Opening 3 – Door: Recessed floor track, 1.2m length, 2.6m height, opening outwards

Shop Front Folding Doors – Preston, Victoria

A converted commercial property into a domestic kitchen located in Prahran, Victoria.

The goal was to open up the existing area to provide the client with an open kitchen and entertainment area. The previous shop front doors had a height of 2.8 meters that was fully optimised by our thin architectural frames. Once complete, the space had a large amount of natural light and proportions.

The doors were used for daily entry and exit. Therefore, an additional level of security was applied to have key lock access from inside and outside the property. This involves fitting a lock to the first and second glass panels which restricts them from moving individually. As a result, the access door is unable to be opened unless both the mechanical lock and the key lock are disengaged.

Recessing the bottom frame was achieved. This provided the client with a seamless finish from the external courtyard to inside the property. Additionally, it reduced the trip hazard in a commonly used area in the home.

locked secure outdoor windows
courtyard access doors folding glass panels
sliding glass partly open windows

Frameless Glass New Home – Hastings, Victoria

A new home requiring frameless glass located in Victoria.

Situated in Hastings, the area is highly prone to extreme wind conditions. Our system is designed and tested up to 200km/h to ensure maximum safety in all weather conditions.

inside view moving glass panels
closed and locked external door
double opening external door aluminium frame
weatherproof glass seal protect from rain

Pool House Enclosure – Ballarat, Victoria

A pool house enclosure located in Ballarat.

Homeowners are continually looking to add valuable square meters to their properties. Converting an alfresco into a usable outdoor pool house enclosure will provide aesthetic and function all year round.

With a seamless installation alongside an existing pool balustrade, the system is easily opened and can remain retracted without any interference to aesthetics and usable space.

locked secure framed system poolside
pool fence glass stackable

Waterfront Folding Doors – Eagle Point, Victoria

A residential project in a new build.

​With over 8 metres of frameless glass, this space evolved into a truly capitvating area, evident even at frame stage. A dual opening simplifies the systems use, providing quick and easy operation. The ability to fully retract the system offers our client great flexibility in entertaining whilst providing good insulating properties in the closed position with the use of 12mm toughened glass.

seaside balcony deck enclosure
waterfront beachside doors protection locked secure

Beachfront Frameless Glass – Aspendale, Victoria

A residential property located alongside the beach in Victoria fitted with a frameless glass system.

Beachfront frameless glass system installed to optimise the view and light exposure. Our high quality product is marine grade and weatherproof. It is built to sustain high wind exposure, salt water exposure and high rainfall. A 12mm toughened glass was used for additional soundproofing and thermal retention.

The beachfront balcony was already fitted with a standard heigh balustrade. The glass system was installed close to the balustrade to maximise the internal space when locked. Weatherproof seals were installed on individual glass panels to provide an air tight solution designed for all types of weather.

teflon aluminium frame
balcony outdoor folding window

Retro Fit Glass Doors Courtyard – Ashburton, Victoria

A Victorian residential property retro fit with glass doors to access a courtyard.

The objective of this project was to replace an existing sliding door and maximize the thoroughfare to fully utilise a recently renovated outdoor space. Our frameless system thrives in not just grand scales, but also areas of compact living where seamless design and slender framing are most critical.

lockable sealed access door frame
courtyard external door retrofit

Weatherproof Frameless Doors – Rural Victoria

A residential property located in rural Victoria.

​In this very unique home built from shipping containers, our client desired an unimpeded outlook from both the primary living and master bedroom space. With nearly 10 metres of sliding frameless glass, the property truly brings the outdoors in, and vice versa, whilst offering the benefit of panoramic views throughout the colder months of the year.

secure country side frameless installation
unique custom design window panels

Folding Glass Corner Section – Mentone

A residential apartment located in Mentone fitted with an outdoor glass corner section.

Our stackable glass doors are able to be installed around a corner section. The goal of the project was to maximise the internal living area. Therefore, the best option was to use an unobtrusive glass system that can operate around a corner. Views and light exposure were not restricted.

A 10mm clear safety glass was used all around. Frames were powder coated to match the existing finishes in the property. In addition, there were individual weather seals applied to each glass panel to provide full protection from wind and rain.

corner section glass toughened
mentone site glass locked outdoor
corner frame aluminium track recessed